Causes of Chain Failure and How to Avoid It

The harsh environments of agriculture operations are not friendly to machine parts and chains. Dirt, hay, and other debris are constantly whirling around and sticking to the wet, greasy parts of the machine. Tension and stress build up as heavy loads take their toll on the machine. Parts that can easily break due to unfavorable conditions and lack of maintenance are the chains. The main causes of chain failure in agricultural machines are overload, fatigue, and wear. Let’s dive into what causes chain failure and what you can do to avoid it. Overload Chain overload occurs when the tension strength[…]

Best Practices for Chain Lubrication

Failure to lubricate chains and sprockets on industrial and agriculture equipment can wreak havoc on the machine and create unwanted downtime. Poor lubrication remains the single most common cause of premature failure and the most time consuming to fix. It’s the difference between harvesting the section on time or spending half the day purchasing and installing a new chain. So, what are the best practices for lubricating those chains and sprockets? Why do they need to be lubricated in the first place? Learn more about chain lubrication with a few tips to increase uptime and save money on machine parts.[…]